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Corporate Training

Unlock Your Business's Potential with Corporate Training!

Are you leveraging training to compete in today's economy? At the Office of Professional and Continuing Studies (PACS), we understand that the key to a thriving business lies in the continuous growth and development of your greatest asset: your employees.

Whether you are training an employee on a new job role or developing an employee to build and improve upon existing skills, the Office of Professional and Continuing Studies offers a range of skills-based learning opportunities to help employers upskill and retain talent. Elevate your team's skills, boost productivity, and unleash the full potential of your organization.

PACS offers multiple certificates, individual courses, bootcamps, and professional development training programs such as our Women’s Leadership Academy. We also create customized training opportunities for organizations of all sizes to meet your specific needs.

Customized Training for Businesses

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We Can Build Training Together

Are you looking to upskill your employees with flexible and cost-effective training opportunities? PACS offers needs analysis, course design, and workforce development for organizations of all sizes. We create customized training programs to foster employee satisfaction and increase productivity. PACS courses are taught by industry experts and built to enhance professional skills and job-related competencies. We design on-site, off-site, and virtual training programs to meet the specific learning objectives of our corporate partners. 

To discuss building a customized training program for your employees, contact Jill Boatright, Executive Director of Professional and Continuing Studies at, or click the link below.

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WLA Working Group Corporate Training

Leadership Development

Emotional Intelligence and Situational Leadership
Conflict Resolution
Executive Presence
Leading High-Performing Teams
Change Management
Leadership Coaching
Work-Life Balance
Branding: Creating for the Customer Experience
Servant Leadership
Leveraging Personality Strengths and Leadership Style
Stress Management
Inclusive Leadership
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)Assessment
CliftonStrength Finder Assessment
Effective Decision Making

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YWLA Ronicka Briscoe strategist, educator, consultant, leadership

Soft Skills Development

Customer Service
Analytical Thinking
Communication Skills
Effective Presentations
Time Management
Diversity and Inclusion
Team Building
Goal Setting
Organizational Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Effective Business Writing
Time Management

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Working tech training

Tech Bootcamps


Data Analytics Bootcamp/Certificate
Cybersecurity Bootcamp/Certificate
Software Engineering Bootcamp/Certificate


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Corporate training professional development

Other Corporate Training

Notary Public Preparatory
Paralegal Certificate Program
Women's Leadership Academy
Young Women's Leadership Academy
Sales Strategy and Negotiations
Interpreter Training
Branding: Creating for the Customer Experience
Leading Remote and Hybrid Teams
Creativity & Innovation
Customer Service Excellence
HR Management
Project Management

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Workforce Development Grants

Does your company have a training or talent development budget? Did you know that businesses and industries operating in Louisiana may qualify for supplemental grant funds to assist with training their employees? The Office of Professional and Continuing Studies (PACS) is a partner of the Louisiana Workforce Commission. As a partner, we are committed to supporting our small business and corporate industry partners through training and grant support.

Learn More About Corporate Training Grants

If you have questions regarding workforce development grants, please contact our Workforce Development & Partnerships Administrator, Chelsea Gaspard, at